The Founder & The Beginnings.

All began since more than 25 years ago, in Costa Rica by the hand of a humble, visionary and hard working man. Performing at first, several underwater jobs, such as: structure’s welding, placement of pilings; it was for the new port Caldera in the Puntarenas province in the late 70’s, and others. Then, he moves with his wife and first child, to Port Limón, only carrying his dreams and his hopes, under his arms, just thinking in a better future.

It was there that our founder and so far also our former general manager, Alberto Dobrosky, began in the early 80’s, his feat.

Already been there, in Port Limón, he performed underwater weld's jobs, as the placement of galvanic anodes to the Port Moín’s pier piles.
Continuing his functions, making underwater ship’s cleaning and to other underwater structures as well. Performing also other advanced inspections, mainly in the vessel’s hull area, in the starting of German project’s harbor, built in Port Limón in 1982.

At the moment, with the aim of build a legal corporate, which would enforce its broad and extensive knowledge of professional diving, acquired at the passing of the years. There was when he, beside his family and a diving staff, established: BUCARI, S.A. (Caribbean Diver’s).

Therefore, he with his prowess he breaks all the schemes, and gave birth to the first company in Costa Rica that performs this type of technical work of professional - industrial diving, founded in 1995, but having its knowledge and practice since 1980.


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